Immortal Tomb

Ten thousand years ago, all the immortal wars were destroyed and the Immortals were cut off. One hundred thousand years later, Touching the Gold School took the “Study of Life and Death” to the fairy world. "Tombs are an art, and Ge came to tell you the correct way of operating the Tomb." Lu Yun looked at the immortals in the immortal tomb and said that he was arrogant.

High School Horror

A very ordinary and extremely special "Admission Notice", a "university" without a name. Yin Yin, an ordinary young boy who hated the school extremely, because a “notice” came to this so-called “university”. Then he thought that the school that he hated before was simply heaven. In this "university," the only goal of Yin Yin’s alive is to get the damn and bloody ".....

The Supreme of Milky Way

“This is the era of science and technology, and it's also my time!” If the feet reach, the stars will tremble! When the space for arms stretch, the time will be destroyed! With the backing of the backbone, the people of all ethnic groups must Surrender! In the direction of the fists waving, the universe must be shattered! The fairy demon inherits, the body lords it, and it breaks the world. It reads out the power to cross the universe and suppress the people! Dump everything and crush everything, creating the most powerful universe body!

The God of Medicine

Dandi was framed by a traitor Since then, there has been only one Qingyunzi in the world, and one more invincible one. Take the drug away How to reverse the sky, to my hand-Chinese medicine!

Heavenly Monarch of All Times

The heavenly God of Warriors was betrayed by his true love and murdered at the very first night of wedding just because his merits made the monarch insecure. Reborn in a hundred years, Nie Tian would be an appendage no more Reach the welkin, reverse the fate, reign over the heaven and reconstruct the worlds.

Zombie Brother

An accidental pollution of tap water plant set off the turbulence in the insipid life of Bai Xiaofei, a loser young man. In face with the unprecedentedly powerful Zombie Brother, Xiaofei determined to set foot on the road to search for his girlfriend. There were overwhelming hardships ahead, Xiaofei experienced both physical and mental challenges as an ordinary human being. After he obtained a human body enhancement agent by chance, he tapped into his own potentials. He braved difficulties and enemies, defeated different kinds of mutant Zombie Brothers, and gradually revealed the hidden buckteeth of the backstage manipulator, or the source of mutation.

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