Chapter 406 Chapter 406: Mother-In-Law Coming to Pick Up Xue Lin Translator: Noodletown Translated  Editor: Noodletown Translated   Marriage phobia? Qingfeng Li was confused and shocked. He knew Chinese medicine, so naturally he knew about marriage phobia. Marriage Phobia was the fear that woman felt before their marriage. Marriage was extremely important for women because it only happens once in their life. It was the most important moment in their lives and thus they took extra care towards it. For a successful woman like Xue Lin, they were scared of marrying. It stems from the fear of having to stay at home to take of children, arguing with their husbands, or losing their careers. To put it simply, the fear stems from their doubt towards men. Xue Lin was extremely cold to Qingfeng Li before because she didn’t trust him. As the two interacted with each other longer, the relationship developed deeper and deeper. Even though Xue Lin had accepted Qingfeng and fallen in love with him, she was still scared about the wedding and the night they were going to spend together. This fear had symptoms of becoming nervous, tightening of the body, and feeling anxious. Xue Lin’s body right now was extremely tight, and she was nervous and anxious. Qingfeng Li could feel how tense she was from feeling her body. "Honey, stop getting so worried. It is just a wedding, not going to hell. No need to make it such a nervous experience." Qingfeng Li rubbed Xue Lin’s cheek and said. After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Xue Lin’s body was still tense. Qingfeng Li knew a lot of women had marriage symptoms. In order to make them feel better one needed to tell them a lot of jokes and try to cheer them up. "Honey, let me tell you a joke. A couple married, but the second day the girl wanted a divorce, do you know why?" Qingfeng Li was hugging Xue Lin. Xue Lin shook her head and said, "No, no, no I don’t." She was extremely nervous; to the point that she couldn’t even talk normally. This made Qingfeng Li speechless. "Because the second day the girl said to the guy: you are useless. We had sex last night for 13 times, but every time you only lasted 3 seconds. I am still a virgin right now." Qingfeng Li said with a smile. HAHAHA! Xue Lin was laughing from Qingfeng Li’s joke and said, "Bastard, you can’t tell me jokes like these." Seeing how Xue Lin was laughing from his joke and her body finally relax, Qingfeng Li knew his joke worked. "Fine, I will tell you another one. A farmer was preparing chicken soup for the next day. At night he said to the chicken: chicken, this is your last dinner, tomorrow I am going to cook you. The next morning the chicken committed suicide with a will left behind that said: I ate poison in order to tell you Sir Chicken is not someone to toy with." Qingfeng Li told Xue Lin another joke. AHAHAHAH! This time Xue Lin laughed even more and said, "The chicken is funny, even calling himself Sir Chicken. He ate poison so now he himself is poisonous, the farmer wouldn’t dare to eat him. At least now he died with a full body." After hearing two jokes, Xue Lin finally relaxed. Seeing Xue Lin's delicate face, Qingfeng Li was going to kiss her. PENG PENG PENG!!! A flurry of knocking broke the silent. Qingfeng Li was pissed off because he was just about to kiss Xue Lin. The knocking disturbed them. Even though he was pissed off, he still went to open the door. He found out it was his father and mother-in-law knocking outside; Shi Lin and Xiaoyun Mu. "Father and mother-in-law, why did you guys come?" Qingfeng Li asked. He was baffled and didn’t understand why they would come this late at night. "Son-in-law, we have to pick up your wife, meaning that she has to stay at her own parents’ house, not your house. Don’t tell me you didn’t know?" Xiaoyun Mu glared at Qingfeng Li and said. The daughter was the mother’s baby; Xue Lin was Xiaoyun Mu’s baby. Now that the daughter was going to marry, naturally she had to take care of her and make her pretty. They originally thought Qingfeng Li knew about this rule, but apparently he didn’t. The two were waiting at home for a long time so now they had come over on their own. Qingfeng Li was feeling awkward. Regarding what his mother-in-law said, he knew nothing about it. Qingfeng Li wasn’t living in China and had never been to a wedding, so naturally he didn’t know the rules regarding it. In terms of Xue Lin, she was a workaholic so she didn’t know anything either. When two people that knew nothing about wedding got together, it created this unfortunate misunderstanding. "Little Xue. Qingfeng Li not knowing is fine, but how come you didn’t know either?" Xiaoyun Mu walked to Xue Lin and said. "Mother, I didn’t know either." Xue Lin was feeling awkward as well. "Whatever, you two dummies. Come, let us go back. Tomorrow at 10 am let Qingfeng Li pick you up." Xiaoyun Mu said with a smile. Xue Lin nodded and agreed. "Honey, remember to pick me up tomorrow." Xue Lin said with a smile. Qingfeng Li nodded with a smile and said: don’t worry, I will pick you up early and host the best wedding. Qingfeng Li was the only one left after Xue Lin went with her parents. Qingfeng Li took a hot shower and slept early because the wedding was tomorrow; he had to be prepared. Currently, at Hujiang Province, Tiger Prestige Mountain. Tiger Mountain was Hujiang Province eastern area’s tallest mountain. There was a huge villa at the waist of the mountain, named Sky Shaker Villa. This villa was extremely famous in Hujiang Province; it belonged to one of the top four gangsters, Sky-Ruling Tiger. In the living room there was a man around 190cm tall with his shirt off. There was a huge tiger tattoo on his chest. He was emitting extremely ferocious presence. The man wasn’t any other but Sky-Ruling Tiger, leader of the thugs of eastern Hujiang Province. Beside him sat a skinny and black elder; he was Wang family’s elder Teng Wang. "Sky-Ruling Tiger, did you receive news regarding Qingfeng Li yet?" Teng Wang asked coldly. "Reporting, I already told Ya Wang to investigate everything in Eastern Sea City. Tomorrow the wedding between Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin will take place." Even though Sky-Ruling Tiger was one of the top four bullies, he was still respectful towards Teng Wang. "Very nice, tomorrow we will execute everything according to the plan. We are going to kill both of them and hold their funeral for them." Teng Wang smirked and said with murderous intent.