This chapter has been brought to you by me, and WanderingGummiOfDoom. Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty Six – Presence Naturally, Northern Plains Ice Mansion could not conceal such a large-scale mobilization  of its battalions. Hai Xin Bing had not planned to conceal it. At this point, both sides were fighting based on their pure strength. There wasn't any subtlety or strategum to speak of. At this time, there was no meaning in keeping trump cards. For both sides, at least in this battle, there was no difference between the their positions. They were both fighting with their backs to the wall. Hai Xin Bing gathered all the battalions that she could move, including all the battalions from Eastern Nether Mansion that had joined her and those factions that had sided with Northern Plains Ice Mansion early on. At this time, many of these factions felt extremely bitter. They had originally thought that the new king would not be able to match Hai Xin Bing. Who knew that the new king was more powerful than they had imagined. But at this point, they would not be allowed to retreat. If Hai Xin Bing was defeated, they would be killed as well. Due to this, their resolve to fight was unshakable. They were fighting to survive. Hai Xin Bing hoped to survive, the remaining members of Eastern Nether Mansion hoped to survive, they hoped to survive. More and more battalions departed for Nether King River. In the history of the mo, never had such a large battle occurred, similarly such a powerful and domineering advance had occurred before. The battalions rushed over from all directions. The mood of Nether Realm had was tense. Hai Xin Bing had setup the main command tent on the banks of the Nether River. The battalions hurriedly gathered from all over. "Nether Lord!" A middle-aged person bowed respectfully to Hai Xin Bing. Behind him was a well-trained battalion. Each member of this battalion had a verdant green leaf at the center of their foreheads. Their expressions were cold, and gave off a powerful presence. They were the famed Forest Roaming Clan Battalion. The Forest Roaming Clan lived deep in the forest and rarely interacted with the outside world. However, they were great fighters, strong and famous. Hai Xin Bing had once saved the life of the previous leader of the Forest Roaming Clan and had a great favor owed to her. No one had known of this relationship. She thought of it as a trump card and had been unwilling to use it. But at this time, she did not hesitate in using this trump card. "Thank you!" Hai Xin Bing showed a gentle smile. Hai Xin Bing was tall, possessed a pair of blue eyes, and had fine and white skin. She was authoritative and gave people the feeling of being an icy beauty. When she smiled now, it was like a warm spring wind. This middle-aged person was Man Zhen, and the present leader of the Forest Roaming Clan as well as the son of the past leader. He had the most leaves on his forehead, three, and he gave off a savage presence like that of a wild beast. Man Zhen was not of many words. After the greeting, he moved to the side. Zhu Nan Yue moved forward and started to arrange where the Forest Roaming Clan would set up camp. Hai Xin Bing was relieved that the Forest Roaming Clan could arrive in time. Man Zhen had brought along ten thousand of the Forest Roaming Clan elite. This battalion was powerful, and were on par with the strongest battalions of Northern Plains Ice Mansion. Few knew just how many factions Hai Xin Bing had recruited and maintained good relationship with over the years. They could only see an endless stream of battalions continue to advance towards Nether King River. The battalions surroundings Hai Xin Bing's tent grew in number. "It's the seventy-fourth battalion!" As this was said, the little shop exploded into conversation. This struggle over the control of the Nether Realm had reached the final battle. It attracted the attention of every citizen of Nether Realm. No Nether Realm mo was able to ignore the matter. The word "king" had a holy meaning among the mo. Without realizing it, people’s acceptance of the new king increased. From the conversations in the little shop, it could be seen that there were more supporters of the new king. Hai Xin Bing was a warlord in everyone's eyes, but she did not qualify to be king. If Hai Xin Bing qualified to become king, why hadn't the old Nether King chosen her? This was the phrase that many supporters of the new king used. The supporters of the new king increased by the day. That advance over seven days and nights was too domineering! So domineering that the ferocious mo admired it! It must be very enjoyable to be led by such a domineering king! This thought could not be pushed from the minds of many people. In comparison, Hai Xin Bing who had the most support at the start was looked down on. Maybe Hai Xin Bing had a stronger faction, but she definitely could not be so domineering. As to the identity of the new king, oh, who cared about that now? The old nether king had also come out of nowhere. Who knew the origins of the old Nether King? Yet the problem now was if the new king could not make it through Hai Xin Bing's challenge, he could not ascend to the throne. The old Nether King built the Nether King Palace as the symbol of the king's power. "Hai Xin Bing hid too deeply! She has so many supporters!' "Yes! They've surpassed two hundred thousand!" Someone quickly gave a precise answer, " Two hundred twenty thousand!" Hiss, everyone inside the little shop inhaled sharply. A battalion of two hundred twenty thousand. That should cover the ground and the sky, appearing endless in view. The people in the little shop found that their poor imaginations were not enough to imagine such a scene. "It will surpass two hundred fifty hundred thousand. We just received news that nine more battalions are nearing Nether King River." The little shop immediately became silent. A long time later, someone murmured, "Is no one helping the new king?" An even longer silence. No one knew. "Preparations done!" The two balls of flame in Gu Wu Shuang's empty eye sockets flickered. The other four turned to look at the Ghost Lord. The Ghost Lord said expressionlessly, "Then depart!" "Boss, you will not reconsider?" Si Du couldn't resist asking. Other people might not understand the present situation, but they saw it clearly. Hai Xin Bing was prepared to have a final battle with the new king, but in reality, she lost. Even if she won, she could not ascend to the throne! This was strange, but it was true. If she defeated the new king, she would become the most powerful person in Nether Realm, yet she would not be able to become king! And if the new king beat her, he would become the undoubted king. Presence, Hai Xin Bing did not have the presence of a king. Or rather, Hai Xin Bing's presence lost completely to the knew king's presence. In the view of the Yin Tomb Five Ghosts, they had no need to participate in this final battle. The chances the new king could win this final battle was pitifully low. All the power that Hai Xin Bing had worked to accumulate over the years had been invested into this life and death battle. Their intelligence was more accurate. According to their estimates, in the end, Hai Xin Bing would gather a battalion that would surpass three hundred thousand! Even they shuddered at this number. Almost half of the elite fighting forces in Nether Realm had been gathered by Hai Xin Bing! Her power surpassed all of their expectations. Now, it seemed that Jia Man who had been called the most ambitious was lacking compared to this woman. However, Hai Xin Bing would have to pay a great price to win against the terrifying power that the new king showed in battle. The expected result was great losses on both sides. This was the best result for the Yin Tomb Guards. They believed that the Nether Lord You Zhe also thought the same. They hadn't expected the Ghost Lord would give orders to move out and support the new king. The Yin Tomb Ghost Lord looked expressionlessly at Gu Wu Shuang and spoke in his unique dissonant voice, "Do you know why King trusted me to guard the Ten Thousand Tombs of the Underworld?" "Because I was born here," the Ghost Lord said coolly, "and this is the homeland of King." The Yin Tomb Five Ghosts were dumbstruck. "Depart!" The grey Yin Tomb Guards moved out of their base. Not one person was left. "It's been too long since I moved. Even my belly is bigger," You Zhe lamented. He had gotten a size bigger. In front of him, his first commander, Ma Wei, stood with a respectful gaze. The entire battalion was prepared to depart. "Ah, Hai Xin Bing, you're so worrisome. You have created such a great fuss, even my old bones have to act," You Zhe muttered his thoughts. "Originally, I hadn't planned on acting, why fight? When was King's judgement ever wrong? All right, let's go. I don't know if we will make it in time. Hai Xin Bing is insane, does she want the unified Nether Realm to end? If you want to fight to be king, fight, don't be like this. Do you know why King did not act against me? Because while I go with the wind, I have a bottom line … …" As he murmured to himself, he struggled to climb onto the chariot. "Let's go." The battalion marched. The news that Hai Xin Bing had amassed an army of over two hundred thousand was proven. The mood of the troop immediately became grave. Liang Wei and An Mo were all skilled battle generals.They knew what this meant. No matter how they calculated, their chances of victory in this battle was minuscule, so minuscule it was insignificant. Regardless of how brave the new king was, how strong his individual power was, he could not win against such a strong army. If King was alone, based on his outstanding individual power, there would be no problems for him to flee safely. But the problem was that this was a final battle from which he could not retreat. They had slowed down. King seemed to be purposefully giving the enemy time to gather. But when the enemy army surpassed two hundred thousand, no one was able to remain calm. They were courageous, but not stupid. The difference in power between the two sides was too great. The knew that the reason that they had been unstoppable these past days was because of King's outstanding abilities. A battalion of two hundred thousand, even King would not have a chance of victory. Liang Wei and An Mo were panicked. Zuo Mo did not seem to be in a hurry. Since the battalion stopped, he started to forge. Everyone felt it strange. Why was King forging shen equipment at such an important time? Even the most powerful shen equipment, even if it was a shen device, would be of minimal effect at this time. Yet King ignored the enemy and completely focused on forging. Translator Ramblings: All this setup to make Zuo Mo look better.