This chapter has been brought to you by me, and WanderingGummiOfDoom. Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty Eight – When Did I Allow You To Use The Name of Nether Realm The cold words were without any emotion. Yet these words were like a basin of icy cold water that was poured over the three hundred thousand. The fire that had just started to burn in their minds were immediately extinguished. The person wearing the mask looked at differently at them as though they were just ants in his eyes. Terrible! Many people's expressions became ugly. Of them, the great majority of them had been famed for many years. When had they been dismissed like this before? They unconsciously balled their fists, their tendons bulging. Zuo Mo's next words caused these experts that felt humiliated to lose their mind. "When did I allow you to use the name of Nether Realm?" The cold and aloof tone seemed to be describing an ordinary matter. However, the undisguised dominance and imperiousness was like a wild and sharp cold wind that swept across everyone's minds! "Who do you think you are!" A sudden shout came from the army. A figure like that of a wild beast suddenly charged like lightning towards Zuo Mo in the sky! A powerful presence that was like a raging wave swept towards Zuo Mo. Xiahou Zhi! One of Hai Xin Bing's commanders, and the strongest of the four commanders of Northern Plains Ice Mansion! Of all the commanders in Northern Plains Ice Mansion, he was an extreme outlier. When people reached such a level of strength, there were rarely any that did not know how to lead battle formations, it was just a matter of skill level. Xiahou Zhi didn't understand any battle formations. He was obsessed with personal strength, but due to this, his individual strength was powerful and only second to Hai Xin Bing in Northern Plains Ice Mansion. He had a fiery temper and wasn't afraid of anything. Zuo Mo's words immediately set him off! Boom! The furious killing energy swept out. Midair, the air around Xiahou Zhi twisted. His body suddenly swelled and black smoke rose out of his body. An astounding presence quickly strengthened rapidly in the black spoke. There seemed to be a terrifying monster that was being formed inside the black smoke. Soon, an enormous monster appeared in people's view. Hiss! Inhales of shock came in unison from the three hundred thousand. This monster was too large. It stood in the air like a mountain. Just the pressure from the massive size was enough for people to lose their spirit. The monster was covered in rich and deep colored tattoos. Its eyes were like two bottomless black holes. Its four limbs were short but strong, its body slightly arched. Its mouth was slightly open, and each fang was shrouded in thick black smoke. Its tail was over ten li long. When it moved in the air, it caused twisters. An Mo's expression changed slightly. When this nether beast appeared, it gave him a strong feeling of danger! Xiahou Zhi was not this strong! This was An Mo's first reaction. The power that Xiahou Zhi showed right now matched his. Soon, An Mo's expression completely changed. The words flashed through his mind. A kamikaze warrior! Not good! If an expert of this level disregarded injury and death, the danger they posed would become terrifying! He hadn't thought that Xiahou Zhi was willing to die for Hai Xin Bing. This woman … … An Mo gritted his teeth and was about to move forward. Of King's subordinates, he was the only one that was a match for Xiahou Zhi. An Mo's eyes flashed with fire. As though he knew what An Mo was thinking, Zuo Mo raised an arm. An Mo noticed King's signal and stilled. He had followed King for these few weeks and was familiar with King's signals. There was only one meaning of this signal. King was indicating that An Mo should not move forward. What did King want to do? King was slightly puzzled. Did King want to personally fight? He trusted that King would not have a problem facing Xiahou Zhi based on the power that King had shown. However, if King took a long time with just Xiahou Zhi, then the presence that King had accumulated would disappear. What was most important right now was presence. But An Mo was disciplined and he knew from the experienced of the past days that King was definitely not a rash person. Many of King's seemingly illogical choices and decisions would create a fantastical result in the end. An Mo knew that the results that seemed to be miracles could not be just explained by luck. He stopped moving and suppressed his urgency. He looked curiously at King. He wanted to know how King would defeat this nether beast. Zhu Nan Yue looked at the enormous beast in the sky and she was in slightly low spirits. The Nether Lord's move was extremely tricky. The new king had accumulated his presence from the seven day advance and his presence was at a peak. Using Xiahou Zhi against An Mo or the new king would be able to blunt the enemy presence. Zhu Nan Yue was almost sure that the nether lord didn't even hope that Xiahou Zhi would defeat the other. She only asked that Xiahou Zhi would reduce the other's presence by delaying the new king or An Mo. If the other's presence stopped, their momentum would decrease and they could be ground to death by the three hundred thousand army. For this delay, the Nether King even sacrificed such a strong expert. This was like playing chess! While Zhu Nan Yue felt that three hundred thousand was enough, but facing the unfathomable and mysterious new king, the Nether Lord was still cautious. In order to increase the chances of victory, she could pay any price. The pressure this person gave the Nether Lord was too great! Zhu Nan Yue and Xiahou Zhi were not close but they were both commanders of Northern Plains Ice Mansion. They were usually on good terms. Thinking that she would never see Xiahou Zhi again, her spirits fell. But she quickly threw these emotions to the back of her mind and her gaze became calm again. Xiahou Zhi was enough to make trouble for the enemy! Zuo Mo's gaze was as cold as usual. The enormous beast in front of him did not cause his gaze to change. He looked on with indifference. He treated the enormous beast just as he had the three hundred thousand-strong army. What no one knew was that Zuo Mo's lips was curved into a cold smile behind his mask. He was too familiar with the desolate and vast presence that the enormous beast gave off. A wasteland beast! This enormous beast wasn't some nether beast, it was a wasteland beast! While its appearance was completely different compared to the wasteland beast Zuo Mo's Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art summoned, their presences were similar. What was different was this wasteland beast had a tinge of death to it. This was a wasteland best that had died. Such a pity! Zuo Mo felt great pity. This wasteland beast still had such presence after death. How ferocious would it have been when it was alive. Roar! The nether wasteland beast suddenly opened its mouth and howled. A presence that caused people to tremble exploded! It crouched slightly, its bottomless eyes stared at Zuo Mo and it appeared to prepare to pounce. Zuo Mo's gaze turned cold. He didn't even fear a true wasteland beast right now, much less a dead wasteland beast! The other had used nether shen power to refine this wasteland beast. However, Zuo Mo saw with a glance that the refinement was not complete. This was expected. The wasteland beast had been the king of all ancient beasts. Even if it was dead, someone that was not god-level would not be able to refine it completely. A wasteland beast that was not completely forged still had remnants of their instincts from their life. These instincts were the greatest enemy to those that tried to forge it. This person that rushed out was burning shen power to suppress the remaining instincts of the wasteland beast. Pity, he underestimated the instincts of a wasteland beast! Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art moved on his fingertips. However, this time, what flickered on his fingers were threads of shen power! A dot of dim light flew out of Zuo Mo's fingertip and entered the body of the wasteland beast. The wasteland beast's body was so large. Compared to the enormous body, the speck of light was insignificant and seemed absurd. Did the new Nether King  think to defeat such a powerful and big entity using that little bit of shen power? Was his mind normal? In order to face this terrifying monstrosity, one needed to use power that could upend the seas and tear down mountains. What was that rice-sized grain of light? Many people had dismissive expressions. However, in the sky, Hai Xin Bing's heart suddenly rose. A bad feeling rose from her mind. She was the closest yet she did not understand what the mask-wearing person had constructed. A move that even she could not understand… … Her heart sank slightly but she did not act. Xiahou Zhi's intelligence was not good, but his fighting strength was undoubted! Yet the next scene caused everyone to lose their ability to speak. They gaped with wide eyes, their expressions frozen on their faces. The mountainous wasteland beast trembled and spasmed violently. Threads of black smoke rose from its body. It trembled like dice, and ripples visible to the naked eye formed in the air. Arr arr arr! Angry howls that carried great pain spread like blasts of wind. The ripples spread even faster. They contained great power and swept the entire battle formation. The mo who were slightly weaker felt their heads turn dizzy and their bodies wavered. This awoke them out of their astonishment. They were astounded! What was happening? "Ahhh ahhh ahhh!" Pained screams suddenly came out of the wasteland beast. The faces of the people of Northern Plains Ice Mansion changed. Xiahou Zhi! This was Xiahou Zhi's voice! Xiahou Zhi's wailing and screaming was filled with pain as though he was enduring great torture. Soon, the screams weakened and then stopped. The mountainous beast stopped shaking. Tiny light suddenly glimmered in the bottomless black eyes. It suddenly roared, its four limbs pushing off to dive towards Zuo Mo. Boom! The enormous body was like the attack of thunder. The feeling of momentum it produced was terrifying! It was like a mountain coming down that nothing could stop! "King, careful!" An Mo exclaimed. His expression changed drastically. This nether beast was faster than he imagined! Zuo Mo did not seem to hear the warning. His body did not move. The wasteland beast seemed to appear out of thin air in front of him. Such an enormous thing appearing without any warning caused people's hearts to stop beating. It was so close to Zuo Mo. Its eyes were only three zhang away from Zuo Mo. Boom! The sound of a sonic boom and the savage wind smashed towards Zuo Mo! The upright figure on the back of the Copper-Boned Nether Bird King did not move. Only that snowy-white hair was blown up by the savage wave of air! In front of the wasteland beast's mountainous body, Zuo Mo was minuscule. Suddenly, the wasteland beast bowed. That man that seemed to be carved from stone finally moved. He raised his foot and stepped onto the nose of the wasteland beast. The nose of the wasteland beast was like a wide mountain path leading to its head. Walking along the wasteland beast's nose was like walking along a mountain path. He moved upwards. The battlefield was silent, but communicated an intimidating power. Complete silence. When he walked onto the top of the wasteland beast's head and stopped, he turned and looked towards the battalion of three hundred thousand! The crouched wasteland beast also stood up at the same time. The three hundred thousand strong battalion suddenly grew smaller and smaller in his eyes. The wasteland beast took him higher. His vision was vaster than it had ever been. The strong wind in the air blew his snowy-white hair about. He looked down on the enemies. The bronze mask was still cold and indifferent just like the voice that echoed in the air. "When did I permit you to use the name of Nether Realm?" Note: It has been so long that Fang Xiang even changed the name of Archaic Wasteland Sacrificial Art in this chapter. But I'm keeping it rather than using the "Archaic Wasteland Beast Art" just for consistency. Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo has left behind a lot of techniques but this is one he can still use. However, it is a bit of a way out for Fang Xiang. The main character just happened to have a technique that controls the evil monster.